Future Vision

Payment structures

The following costs have been carefully calculated for future volunteers and include all administrative costs, pick-ups, coordinating, salary costs, all meals and transport (if needed) to and from your volunteer project. Don't forget that 10% of all your fees are donated directly to the volunteer project

All funds contributed to the project are administered by the volunteer. The volunteer will in consultation with the school/project and project co-ordinators decide on how their money is spent and be actively involved in purchases.

For eg;

  1. Art equipment – paints, paintbrushes etc

  2. Sporting equipment

  3. Gardening equipment, seeds etc

  4. Computer equipment

  5. School outings

  6. Books

1 week:     290 EUR 

2 weeks:   510 EUR 

3 weeks:   730 EUR 

4 weeks:   950 EUR 

Every additional week : 190

Once of fee: 150 EUR

(Special commission for volunteer agents + 15% discount for all students)

Teaching and Community Development Internship (12 weeks) : 2145 EUR.